An Alternative Way


An application of a powerful interdisciplinary understanding of a technology of creativity interlinked through a common set of information to create health, wealth, inner satisfaction or whatever we desire to create

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What is it? (Top)

An Alternative Way is an alternative way to live life uncovered as a result of a journey of exploration in to the nature of our creativity and captured in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and understanding. It provides a way to live life which is different from the way most of us are taught to live life. It is a way available to all of us. It is one that can create both a life worth living and provide an inner satisfaction with life that never runs dry no matter what is happening in our external world.

The Alternative Way is about learning to live our own truth and to allow our creative spirit to have the experiences it incarnated to have. Since the intention for our life which brought us into the world existed before our current mind, we access this by opening ourselves to feeling and accessing the awareness which lies in feeling and feel our way through life.

Background (Top)

Throughout human history there have been a variety of ways, teaching and/or traditions that have been used to direct our individual lives. There are family traditions, social traditions, religious traditions, spiritual traditions, metaphysical traditions, and philosophical traditions. For many of these traditions, whether we follow one of the worlds’ major religions such a Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Mormonism, or any other, or some philosophy of life, each tends to have some sacred text, written or verbal, which captures the ideas, teachings and/or experiences of the founder or the tradition’s greatest teachers. Each of these texts, whether it be the Bible of Christianity, the Koran of Islam, The Book of the Dead of Tibetan Buddhism, The Rig Veda of Hinduism, The Analects of Confucius of Confucianism, The Dhammapada of Buddhism, The Tankah of Judaism, the Book of Mormon, or any other old or modern religious, spiritual, metaphysical, or philosophical view, whether implicitly or explicitly stated, contains a view and perspective on: what it means to be human; Creation; and the nature of the Creator, many of which call God.

The issue here is not whether any one view or perspective is correct and/or right or wrong. The issue is why are their so many different traditions and approaches and why each one thinks it is the correct view. The issue is what is the nature of the human being and of Creation such that there are all of these views exists and each considers their view the correct view. In embracing the fact that every aspect of Creation arises from the same Source of Creation, the Alternative Way encompasses the essence and most basic features of these texts and what they provide but provides a way of living without the need for such texts. Although teachers and guides are helpful, we have no need for then in the Alternative Way for our guidance comes from within. We only need the fullness of being and the feeling of expansion to guide us in our life.

The Origin of an Alternative Way (Top)

The origins of the Alternative Way started out initially as an exploration into creativity as to why it was so difficult to get individual to truly step out of the box of their own thinking As that journey progressed and given the number of successful but unhappy individuals the author was meeting in life, the journey evolved into an exploration to see if there was an Alternative Way to both how we view our life and approach life such that one could find greater satisfaction in, and with, life. What is found and lessons learned are reflected in the Alternative Way.

How to live the Alternative Way (Top)

The way to live this Alternative Way is to hold our creativity sacred and to allow the feeling of a fullness of being and/or a feeling of expansion analogous to the blossoming of a flower to act as an internal compass to guide us through life. It is to access the awareness which lies in feeling and the associated understanding which often lie beyond what our current mind is capable of understanding as to how we know and understand what the awareness allows us to know and understand. In many ways to live this Alternative Way is to live in a way similar to a mystic and/or shaman. It is to have a powerful personal relationship and a unique individual experience with the creator/Creator of our experiences and the reality we experience. It is to know we cannot give what we do not have and we must first create within ourselves what we desire to give to another. It is to learn to understand the gift that lies in pain and that creation/Creation is not done alone. It is to see and know the individual or situation before us is only an experience we desire to have for whatever reason at some level within our being.

Why hold our creativity sacred (Top)

In the exploration of our creativity, it was found that within each of us is a creative spirit. It is not the spirit as used or viewed within spiritual and religious traditions. Rather, it is a creative spirit with a unique creative passion which has incarnated to have particular types and kinds of physical experiences. This creative spirit and its intention for our life is the source of our creative power and the source of our life. Unless is creative spirit is free to express itself in the way it needs to express itself we will never find satisfaction in life. Something will always be missing in our life. Holding our creativity sacred allows us to access the our inherent unlimited creativity and claim our birthright.

Additionally, when we are creating, we can communicate with the creator/Creator of our life as creator to creator. What needs to be understood, a doctor talks to a doctor differently that they talk to a lay person. Similarly, an engineer will talk to an engineer differently than to a lay person. So to the creator/Creation of our life. The creator/Creator will talk differently to us when we are creating that doing anything else. It is in these conversation that we open ourselves to a wealth of understanding not necessarily available to, or through, our logical mind.

The primary issues we face in living this Alternative Way (Top)

Living the Alternative Way is probably the most natural way to live our life since we are born from a state of creative play and with the ability to be in a state of creative play. In a state of creative play we are free to spontaneously and innocently discover and explore ourselves and the world we inhabit. However, most of us lost this ability early in life when our play is somehow thwarted. As such, there are several issues we face in moving to live this Alternative Way. The issues tend to line in three areas - how and why we lost our ability to creatively play, the threshold we place on our ability to feel and we cannot give what we do not have. A corollary to this last issue is we can give only what we have.

Lost our ability to creatively play: Holding our creativity sacred is about being creatively  free and having the ability to freely enter creative play and the most creative state of being. However as a result of our experience early in life most of us have lost that ability to spontaneously and innocently play with the situation we face. Pain from the past, judgments of our mind, and/or memories of how our play was thwarted step in to prevent us from exploring all possible options. For some of us, our creative play has been so shut down that we are not free to even enter our own creative imagination  and find creative  freedom to explore all the possible option.

To live the Alternative Way, we need to open ourselves to what we feel and use certain types and kinds of feelings to guide us through life as an internal compass. Opening ourselves to what we feel often means we need to go back and process that pain of early life that cause us to lose our ability to creative play. It also means we need to go back and explore the response patterns and/or fears we developed to protect ourselves from experiencing such pain again. Exactly how this is done is unique to each of us because we each lost our ability to creatively play in a unique way.

The threshold of our ability to feel: Pain is obviously painful. Our natural inclination is to avoid pain. In addition to the pain we experience when are creative play was thwarted, there are pains we experience simply in living life. Most of us have raised our threshold of feeling so as to not experience the pain of life. In extreme cases numbing, avoidance or suppressing the pain we feel can lead to addictions or addictive patterns. Even thinking can be an addiction if we use it to avoid what we feel. To live the Alternative Way, most of us will need to go back and explore where we have set our threshold of pain and learn to understand and use the gift of pain.

We cant’ give what we do not have: We cannot give what we do not have. We must create within ourselves what we desire to give another. But what we create within cannot be an intellectual knowing. We need the experiential knowing which goes with the intellectual knowing. This is the problem with many of us. We give what we think rather than giving with a experiential knowing of what we give. We think we know what love is, but rather give love that truly nourishes a creation, we give obligation or duty and then wonder why the creation has not flowered and blossomed as we expected.

Realizing and working what the understanding we cannot give what we do not have causes us to go inward and first create within ourselves the necessary changes. Then, because how  our inner world is reflected externally, our outer world begins to change to reflect the inner work that was done. This means we cannot blame anything outside ourselves for what we experience. Rather, we need to go inside and ask what is it within us that has caused us to have the experiences we are experiencing. Then, in changing the inner cause, our outer world becomes different.

The rewards (Top)

The reason for following the Alternative Way cannot be explained in words. It is something that is experienced and felt. Primarily it is to have an inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in our external world. However, most will also find they can see through time and space, access a creative ability and creative power they never knew they possessed, find they are capable of readily communicating with the unseen realms of Creation and/or access other mystical abilities such as the Siddhis in Eastern mysticism.. Exactly what we experience depends on who and what we think we are and how and what we think and believe.

Recommended approach (Top)

The recommendation is to set the intention to live this Alternative Way. Then begin some type and kind of creative endeavor to exercise your creativity. Do something that you have never done before and causes you to bring something into existence or have some experience you never had before. As you being to create become aware of all that surfaces that seeks to hold you back. Look to work through or pass each obstacle to become creatively  free. Look to free what is preventing you to feel an expansion within your being and then follow this feeling of expansion. You are an infinite creative being and the feeling of expansion is only the expansion of your consciousness. The feeling of expansion can be present in anything you do in life and through your entire life if you choose to create it.

Additionally, as you purse your creative endeavor, ask your intuitive guidance what you may need to do live this Alternative Way in all that you do. Also begin a dialog with the creator/Creator. Talk to the creator/Creator to creator and see what insights, realizations, revelations or other awareness arise within your being. Trust them and act on them as appropriate. If anything seems too bizarre or risky, create some type and kind of simulation as in a ritual or metatheater to act out what is received. The simulation will cause a further refinement or additional insights to arise.

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